How HID Helped Avolon Re-Imagine Security

The Benefits of Touchless Access
Rolling out new access technology brings some predictable benefits et al. that aren’t as easy to anticipate. During a recent webinar, Moving to Mobile Access Control, James Moore of IFSEC Global and Peter Walsh of HID Global spoke with Allan Dawson, Workplace Services Team Manager at aircraft leasing company Avolon, about his company’s recent rollout of HID Mobile Access®.

How did mobile access help the corporate adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic? Hear the clip — or read our lightly edited transcript — to seek out out.

The pandemic wasn’t something we considered once we were rolling this out. But it’s clothed to be great for us — that you can walk up to the front entrance of the building, use the ‘Twist and Go’ and therefore the door is automatic, so it opens. So, you enter the building, and you have touched nothing except your phone, which you’ve got control of it. It’s allowed us to scale back high-touch points, which is everybody’s main goal at the instant.

Issuing IDs Remotely
Equally, you do not get to have someone sitting at a computer for issuing credentials, coitus interruptus a card, typing variety in, and handing the cardboard over because we’d need to have an entire sanitization process to form sure there is no cross-contamination. I can go onto a computer, go onto the HID Origo platform and insert the person’s email address. They get the 16-digit code and punch that in it. I do know their number. Plug that into the access control back-end. And they are good.

It’s a straightforward, straightforward process, end-to-end, that delivers that mobile ID seamlessly. It’s worked well during this current scenario.

Reducing Physical Touchpoints
Another benefit to us is read range. In our building in Dublin, to access the parking lot, we have an enormous metal gate, but it’s on the perimeter of what the owner owns, so there is no pedestal outside with a reader. So, what we’ve done is placed one among the mobile access readers inside the gate. It’s secure, and nobody can touch it, but if you pull up in your car, again, one twist of your phone triggers the reader, and therefore the gates open for you.

This touchless access experience may be a benefit, and therefore the range that it offers is additionally a benefit.

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